About Jane Metson

Jane Metson 1954-2014


The Jane Metson Foundation was created in 2014 in memory of an amazing woman, loved and respected by so many. Jane was an active and passionate supporter of many charities both financially and as a volunteer. On a number of occasions she travelled with her husband David to Africa, Central America and Asia in order to help others. She was also involved in a number of local charities as well as being a school governor in both a primary and secondary school. With the support of such a wonderful network of friends, family and colleagues, we felt there was an opportunity to create a foundation to ensure that the people and causes Jane so devotedly helped, are not forgotten…

SAM_0014Despite Jane’s debilitating rheumatoid arthritis she was passionate about helping people less fortunate than herself, particularly when solutions seemed relatively easy to address. After Jane died in June 2014 from leukaemia we decided to set up a trust in her name and hope that the charities we choose to help will efficiently and effectively provide the help for others that she would have wanted to see.

The Jane Metson Foundation aims to:

‘Support organisations, charities or individuals who work to improve medical and educational services, alleviate human suffering, poverty or addiction in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world’