Since being established in October 2014, the Foundation has raised over £85,000. Up to its financial year ending on 30 Jun 2019, over £82,000 has been donated to 9 charities; 2 based in East Africa and the remaining 7 being registered UK charities. Some of these UK charities in turn directly support communities in East Africa and the Philippines.  All the charities are involved in providing medical or educational support to the local communities in which they operate. The Jane Metson Foundation looks where possible to support specific projects where we feel that our financial support can make a real difference to the lives of people needing our help.

The Jane Metson Foundation is a registered charity under the UK Charities Commission and more details of our activity are available on the Charities Commission website.

The Jane Metson Foundation aims to:

‘Support organisations, charities or individuals who work to improve medical and educational services, alleviate human suffering, poverty or addiction in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world’

Money raised by the Foundation will support the above objectives and be used in part to help fund other charities and projects that the Trustees nominate. Some charities have already been selected as potential recipients in view of previous volunteering and fund raising by Jane, the Foundation’s Trustees and other members of her family. You can find out more about their work by clicking on the links below:

28 Too Many

28 Too Many is a UK registered Charity dedicated to the eradication of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) through its advocacy, research and community programmes across many African countries.  The Jane Metson Foundation has donated £5,500 to 28 Too Many since the Foundation was set up.

Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships uses hospital ships and land-based programmes with multi-national crew and staff to bring world-class medical assistance and long-term sustainable development to some of the world’s poorest regions.

Mlimani –

The Mlimani Community Foundation has been supported by JMF in recent years to the amount of £1,420 and is a small school which was founded by a local teacher in a slum area of Arusha. After we spent two weeks volunteering there, Kirsty and I were shocked  by the lack of basic educational facilities and equally impressed by how valuable the work of Mlimani was in helping instill a culture of learning.

Motivation –

Motivation is a charity that our Trust has again supported since the Foundation was set up. Over the last six years we have donated a total of £23,250 to support Motivation’s activities in less developed countries. Motivation design and distribute special wheelchairs so that physically handicapped people can more fully integrate into their communities and in many cases have the ability to join the workforce and earn valuable income for their families.

Purple Community Fund –

We have been donating to PCF since 2016 and the Trustees have known and worked with PCF and its founder, Jane Walker, for over 10 years.  Jane has been an inspirational force in creating a charity to assist and educate children who would otherwise be scavenging on the largest metropolitan garbage dump, called Tondo, in Manila, capital of the Phillippines.

Our Foundation has donated £7,600 over the last three years. Our last donation was used to specifically support a Mentoring programme to encourage students to remain in school and to assist with additional teaching support so that students can get the necessary grades to progress their educational journey.


PONT is a charity that our Foundation has supported for many years. We have donated £23,250 over the last six years to support PONT’s extraordinary work in Mbale in eastern Uganda. Our latest donation was used to support an appeal for ambulance bikes with further details contained on the letter from PONT.

Samaritans Orphanage –

The Samaritan Orphanage is an inspiring place in Arusha that Kirsty and I were fortunate enough to visit in 2011. It houses, supports and cares for orphaned and abandoned children. Having witnessed first hand the wonderful work that Father Josephat and his team do for these young people and the wider community we know the tangible benefits that this charity brings to the area. Since 2015, donations from the JMF amounting to £5,750 has been put to good work and have supported the day to day running of the facility as well as the Medical Clinic to help the children but also the wider community. What we found particularly heartening when we visited was the fact that local people were active in supporting Mlimani through their own small donations of food and money. It is a fantastic and loving place which the Foundation continues to work with. For more information about the most up to date projects go to:

Sponsor a Nurse –

A charity set up in 2000 to help Kisiizi Hospital in Uganda. They help to fund the hospital’s running costs primarily by supporting the nurses’ wage bill.

Yeldall –

The Jane Metson Foundation has been a regular donor to Yeldall Manor, a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation unit in Wargrave. Berkshire. Since the Foundation’s start we have donated GBP5,500 to the centre.

A typical example of the service Yeldall provides is of helping two young men who one would see sleeping rough on the streets of nearby Reading, begging and stealing for money to feed their drug addiction. Dealers can make large amounts of money but are vulnerable to violence which we hear so much about and of course the misery goes up the supply line to the fields of Colombia and Afghanistan. In the nine months these young men have been at Yeldall , probably £60,000 has NOT found its way to drug dealers and the attendant thefts have stopped. The men are often also absent fathers being a bad example to their children but with help can return to be a loving influence.

Yeldall also take prisoners on licence in the hope that they will turn their back on addiction after their release and so do not end up re-offending.

In summary the work of Yeldall helps reduce theft and violent crime, helps reduce the problem of rough sleepers, helps reduce the prison population, enables men to be better role models and to lead more valuable lives.

Charters School

Charters School has kindly supported the JMF as one of its four nominated House Charities for the past three years. Through a variety of student fundraising activities such as the Hour Challenge – where  900 students and staff  raised money by running laps around the school field!.. over £3000 has been raised which has been donated to the charities directly linked with Education and Young people.