A letter from PONT:
“I just wanted to say thank you so much again for supporting the appeal in the way you did. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what a difference the amount you gave will make to the number of journeys the ambulances can make. And it was also really encouraging to see the total boosted early in the appeal week. I got some excited messages from the guys at Welsh Ambulance Service Trust who were watching the total! So thank you very much!”

PONT is a charity the Jane Metson Foundation has supported over the years, after David and Jane saw their work with communities in Mbale region, eastern Uganda. Projects range from health to education to village savings groups to goat-rearing.

The foundation was recently able to donate to a specific appeal to keep a fleet of Motorbike Ambulances on the road. The bikes transport mothers in labour, children under 5 and people who’ve had accidents to health centres and hospitals, because the terrain is so mountainous.

Dr Geoff Lloyd is a Welsh GP who was one of the founders of PONT, and said:

“We are so grateful for the generous support of The Jane Metson Foundation. It’s wonderful to be able to show our friends in Uganda how many people in the UK care about them, and even more so to be able to share the real practical support that literally saves the lives of mothers and children every day.”

The 34 motorbikes are part of an integrated network of volunteer drivers and community healthworkers. David will see the bikes in action when he travels to Mbale in February!



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